Custom Process

We have over 100 manWe have over 100 manufacturing machines ready to make any fasteners in sizes 0-80 up to 5/8x 5 1/2 (M1.5 – M16). Sozn Fastener’s manufacturing expertise is here to help you find the best fastener solution for your application.
Below are custom process of non-standard solutions
Please Call/Email with your application and needed quantity. Chances are we can find a solution at a reasonable price.

1. Provide drawings

Give your drawings to our customer service department,then our expertise will help you find solution of your drawings.

2. Material Selection

Communicate with engineers to determine materials.

3. Finishing Options

Communicate with engineers to determine the surface treatment process.

4. Workshop production

It will take 7-15 days for production, this is the video of our workshop

5. Manufacture complete

when the nuts finished,they will be taken to QC department.

Click the button to learn about our quality inspection department

6. Product delivery

Ship time 7-15days

Other options

SOZN can be made for virtually any fastener type, any size, any metal, any coating, and more。

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