Top 3 Points for You to Know About Brass Insert Nuts

Insert nuts are common in furniture making and coupling. They are made from different materials, each of which has its advantages and applications that make them the appropriate choice. Brass insert nuts are no different. They are commonly used for furniture, pieces, and containers that are made from hardwood. Because of the quality of the material, brass insert nuts ensure materials stay tightly fitted together even with continuous clockwise and anticlockwise turning process.

This article provides an introduction to brass insert nuts and why you need it.

An introduction to brass insert nuts

Brass insert nuts are just as the name reads; they are Insert nuts that are made out of brass as the material. Insert nuts can be made from different materials including stainless steel, and they can also be made with threads of different sizes.

Usually, the choice depends upon what is required at the time. Brass inserts make it possible to couple/assemble joints in furniture, where creating a groove on the furniture would not be possible. For example, where the section is too thin to thread or the material is subject to wear over time from screwing an unscrewing.

Brass inserts nut, therefore, are threaded on the interior and exterior surfaces. The exterior threads are fastened to the furniture and are expected to stay in place despite assembling and uncoupling. The internal threads are supposed to be attached to the second piece, which will come with a screw. Therefore, assembly is carried out using a screwdriver.

Application of brass insert nuts

The following are instances where you can use a brass nut.

  • In furniture pieces – wood, particleboard, plastics
  • In turning joints
  • Electrical industry
  • Automobile companies
  • In shipping containers

Knowing how they work, the use of insert nuts is not limited to these applications. You can get them custom-made for your specific purpose/applications. All you need to do is to contact the right manufacturers.

Advantages of brass insert nuts 

  • Sturdy and firm grip: Threaded brass insert nuts have a high clamping pressure that allows them to have a firm grip with the surrounding material. Once brass insert nuts are installed, they can be firmly locked and vibrate without loosening. And in the plastic and soft metal, brass insert nuts can obtain stronger assembly force and better sealing. The strength of the brass with the sharp exterior threads all makeup for this.
  • Long-lasting assembly: A brass insert nut has the necessary thread quality and vibration resistance to ensure that the assembly lasts long. Hence, they will not need a replacement for a long time.
  • Wear-resistance: Rather than the surrounding material facing wear, the brass insert nuts prevents this. With the wear-resistant property of the nuts, the joints can maintain the strength and grip with continuous usage.
  • Simple installation: Installation of brass insert nuts is easy for its simple design, either by threading or by using the “heat set” method for plastics.

In conclusion, in all applications of brass insert nuts, high quality of custom brass insert nut is crucial to ensure durability. You must pay careful attention to the manufacturer and their quality control. That said, a great company to get your custom order of brass insert nuts for different assembling purposes is Sozn fasteners.

They have served different industries to create fasteners used for assembling of critical equipment. Whether you use them on an assembly line or for maintenance work, you need nuts that are easy to install, durable and trouble free. Every custom brass insert nut is made with precision and is put through rigorous quality testing procedures that are in line with these testing certificates and quality control practices.